Contact Lens Specialist

Why choose contact lenses?
While appearance is often considered first in some cases contact lenses provide a higher quality of vision than eyeglasses. Compatibility of contacts with an active lifestyle is also important. Contact lenses offer more natural vision by providing sharp vision in every direction, including to the peripheries.

Can I wear contacts?
Most individuals who require vision correction can wear contact lenses. Technical advances in contact lens development include bi-focal contacts, daily disposables, extended wear and frequent replacement lenses and lenses to correct astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Can I change my eye color?
There are soft contact lenses available that will change the color of your eyes. They are still considered to be a prescribed medical device that must be fit and followed up by your eye care professional. They are available in a wider range of designs and colors with or without corrective prescriptions.

What do I do now?
Dr. Morse Michels an Optometrist is fully capable of providing the expertise required for fitting contact lenses. The Doctor will assist you in determining what solution is best suited for your vision and needs. You will also be shown how to insert and remove them safely, and how to clean and care for your new contact lenses.