BioDOptix Dry Eye Treatment

Non-Invasive Dry Eye Treatment with BioDOptix
Dr. Michels is now able to offer in office treatment for dry eye without sutures.
The medication adheres to the cornea and dissolves within four to five days.

Can I see after the procedure?
YES! It does not obstruct vision. You can see immediately after the procedure.

Some Common Clinical Applications Are:
1. Dry Eyes
2. Corneal Defects
3. Corneal Ulcers
4. Corneal Scars
5. Pterygium
6. Ocular Surface Disease
7. Chemical Burns
8. BioDOptix can minimize scar tissue formation
9. It can begin to heal new normal tissue
10. Corneal Dystrophy
11. Repair cornea after laser surgery or refractive surgeries
12. Non-Healing Corneal Defects
13. Keratitis
14. Keratopathy
15. Many Other Conditions

BioDOptix is a natural product
It is derived from amniotic tissues. Amniotic tissues have been shown both clinically, and scientifically to support soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize scar tissue formation.

Is it Safe?
The BioDptix products are processed in accordance with the standards and regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration and American Association of Tissue Banks.

It Right For Me?
Dr. Morse Michels will consult with you to determine if this procedure is right for you.
Contact Dr. Michels to schedule a consultation today.
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